The 5 Life Skills Your Child Learns At Sleepaway Camp

posted by on Feb 6, 2019

It’s a given that sleepaway camp is the place for a lot of fun! When your children leave for camp, they are off to make some of their favorite memories and meet some of their best friends. However, did you know that camp is also the place where your child learns essential life skills? From independence to a sense of community and appreciation keep reading to learn the 5 life skills your child learns at sleepaway camp.

Boy and Girl at Camp Archery


While some of us have “three-nagers” who have a little too much of a sense of independence, we can all agree that at some point, our children need to learn to make decisions and face challenges on their own. Sleepaway camp provides a safe environment for children to discover their independence away from their parents yet still supported by friends and camp counselors.

Self Esteem

With their new-found independence, campers begin to trust their decision-making skills and in turn, trust themselves. They also become very proud of themselves just for being able to stay the night away from their home and parents. This is a huge feat that some kids don’t experience until college and your child knows this.


Children often define their identity by their parents and do not discover their true selves until much later in life. At sleepaway camp, your child will meet many new peers each with their own personality. Children quickly discover what they do like, what they don’t like, and learn more about who they are and who they want to be.


While your child is having fun and growing in ways they aren’t even aware of at the moment, they are also building a sense of community. They learn how to work together with their bunk and the camp as a whole to contribute to their camp community. This teaches your child the importance of contributing to society and helping out where needed.


Most of us have been on a fun vacation, however, once we got home were excited to sleep in our own bed; that is how your child will feel when coming home from sleepaway camp. They will have an appreciation for the fun they had and the friends they made but also an appreciation for the home and family they missed while they were gone.

You may have considered sending your child to sleepaway camp for the fun activities and to make new friends but now you know your child leaves with so much more.  As parents ourselves, we understand it can be a little nerve-racking to send your child off to sleepaway camp for the first time and we hope this blog will make the decision a little easier.  If only every child went to camp and for that matter, we suggest sending our politicians.

Kids at Sleepaway Camp