Amir’s First Time Reading Torah

posted by on Nov 23, 2015

amirAt CYJ, we encourage both staff and campers to participate in
t’fillot through leading services, being honored with an Aliyah, or reading Torah (to name a few).  Many times, our staff from Israel feel less comfortable with these religious rituals and rarely have much experience with religious practices before their arrival to Camp.  Amir, a counselor from Tel Aviv, came to camp in order to teach about Israel, have a good time, and meet new friends.   He came from a secular background and was intimidated by the services at CYJ.  He felt out of place at first when everyone seemed to know the prayers but him.  Throughout the summer, he became more and more comfortable with the tunes and began to participate in services (he even hummed ‘adon olam’ in the shower from time to time).  On the last week of camp, he asked the education director if he could read Torah on Saturday morning.  She was shocked and pleased and, of course, she agreed.  They worked together during that week so that Amir could learn his Torah reading and to everyone’s surprise, Amir read Torah beautifully for the entire camp on that last Shabbat.