Beat the Texas Heat and Stay Active: Indoor Summer Activities For The Whole Family

posted by on Jul 30, 2019

Go to your local library

Libraries these days are about much more than books; they usually have computers with learning games for children to play, dozens of magazines and newspapers for adults to keep up on current events, and a Young Adult fiction section to rival any bookstore. You’ll also find audiobooks and DVDs that are completely free to borrow. Soak up some free AC and support your local library by checking them out today! 

Visit your local museum

If you missed out on our blog post earlier this summer about how to take your whole family to the museum for free, definitely go back and give it a look now! You and your family could learn about how families kept cool in the past before air conditioning (while enjoying plenty of air conditioning in the present). Whether you decide to explore an art, science, or history museum, you and your family will find lots of exhibits to expand your mind while keeping nice and cool indoors. 

Take in a matinee 

It just so happens that the hottest part of the day is also when movie theaters offer reduced matinee pricing. There’s no better time to check in on Spiderman or Woody and Buzz Lightyear than at noon on a scorching hot summer day. You’ll also find the theater substantially less crowded during a matinee than a regular showing. You and your family can kick back and enjoy the cold air while you take in a summer blockbuster; you might even need to bring a jacket! 

Try ice skating

This one can be hard to do in Texas, but it’s definitely worth a google to see if there’s an ice skating rink near you. Indoor skating rinks are a great way to get in some exercise, spend quality time with the family, and most importantly, stay frosty! If you’re not interested in skating yourself, most indoor rinks are hosts to local hockey teams, and they would love to have you and your family in the crowd for their next match. Basically, there’s no colder place in the middle of summer than right on top of an enormous rink of ice! 

Go bowling

Your local bowling alley would be thrilled to see you in the middle of a hot day, and they’ll keep you nice and cool while you bowl strike after strike. Bowling is a great family activity because it is entirely adjustable based on age and skill level. Need a lighter ball? They have it. Need bumpers to block out the gutter? No problem. Everybody can have fun and chill out together at the bowling alley.