Bogrim/Segel Reunion by Joseph Blanga

posted by on Jan 23, 2015

It’s been two and a half years. We’ve all gone our different paths in our high school summers and careers. Whether it be through TY, a BBYO summer program, a job, or just relaxing in our respective hometowns, all of our summers haven’t been the same since 2011 or 2012. There’s a sense of emptiness, a longing– a longing for our original summer home. So when I was informed of a chance to come back to my first summer home and reconnect, I hit the ground running. In the direction of Woodcreek Texas, of course!

Myself and 10 other CYJ Texas alumni of Segel ’11 and ’12 came back to camp for the weekend of January 9th-11th to reconnect, share stories, laugh at old memories, and even make new friends.  The weekend consisted of a yoga styled prayer, leadership building exercises, great food (COFFEE CAKE!!!!), our old counselors (Liel Navon, Ian Remson, Sara Stolow, and Iris Toth), a dance party, Havdallah and Rikkud camp style, and most importantly, Chofesh to bond and reconnect, which was ultimately the best part of the reunion. I’m glad to say that this reunion made me much more excited to work as a CIT for Summer 2015 and I now have a huge craving for CYJ Texas (no, not JUST because of the coffee cake.) I can’t wait to return this summer on the other side of the spectrum.

So that’s great and all, but why really drive all the way up to CYJ Texas for less than 3 days? Because of the emptiness. The longing– the longing for our original summer home. Ask any CYJ alumni, and they will agree that this longing really does exist, and that CYJ is always the place to be, all year round. So, as I did, I encourage you to hit the ground running for this amazing weekend next year!josephblanga