Why Camp Counselor Is The Perfect Resume Builder

posted by on Mar 29, 2019

Summer Camp Counselors

Each summer, hundreds of young adults decide to forego internships and other summer jobs to work as camp counselors and for good reason! Spending a summer working at camp gives them an opportunity to learn many practical on the job skills. Many of these skills, people do not have the chance to experience until much later in their career. Below we’ve highlighted just a few resume building skills camp counselors have.

Leadership and Conflict Resolution

Each summer session, counselors are responsible for their bunk of campers, this means they have 12-18 children that each have 12-18 individual needs that need to be met 24/7. Think of the camp counselor as the manager and the campers as their team. Camp counselors are responsible for making sure the team works well together, provides a listening ear to each camper, all while staying on schedule, luckily at camp, the schedule usually involves arts and crafts, swimming, sports or a game of Ga-Ga.

Communication and Time Management

Camp is not a one-man show, in order for campers to have an outstanding summer camp experience, communication skills amongst staff and time management is a must! Each individual bunk camp counselor is required to effectively communicate the needs of their bunk of campers to the other counselors as well as unit heads, nurses and other support staff. Furthermore, after the needs and schedules are communicated they are required to ensure each camper makes it to each activity on time.

Creativity and Adaptability

While the entire summer’s worth of activities are planned in advance, there are always things that come up that are out of our control, such as a rainstorm that comes out of nowhere. There is nothing like the immediate need to figure out what to do with a bunk of campers staring at you once they are inside and safe. Counselors are skilled with the initiative to think on their feet and problem solve to be ready with games and activities when things like this happen. In addition, there are times during transitions between activities when it’s helpful to have something fun to engage the campers while waiting for the next program.

Camp is a place for campers to learn and grow, the same goes for the staff. Counselors have a full team of staff to help reflect and discuss what needs to get done for things to run more smoothly. This means the staff consistently have an opportunity for growth and learning. Imagine learning that kind of resilience in a workplace at such a young age.