Camp Prep #5 – Campouts

posted by on May 23, 2017

Hi Parents!

In this edition of the Camp Prep Series we talk campouts.  At CYJ we believe that campouts are an essential part of the camp experience.  Besides enjoying the outdoors, our campers get to bond as they challenge themselves and learn some new skills with our Israeli Scouts.  We want to share with you how campouts work and some new things we are doing this year. We encourage you to share this information with your camper.

What happens on campouts?
Our campouts take place across the lake in a spot reserved just for campouts.  This year we are adding additional tents, more and better lighting, an outdoor grill with new utensils, and picnic tables to make the area more comfortable. Each aidah (age group) has its own assigned night, taking turns doing activities with our Israeli Scouts, building a campfire, cooking a special dinner and dessert, and sleeping out under the starry Hill Country sky.  Our youngest campers, the Ofarim, will do all the activities, but will take their sleeping bags to the Zoid for an indoor sleepover at camp.

How do we get the kids ready for campout?
A few days before the campout, we will take the campers to the site and give them a tour.  Their counselors and the Scouts will tell them their favorite camping stories and answer all their questions, including everyone’s favorite – the bathroom question.  On the day of the campout, the kids will pack their backpacks and head over to the site.  Once at the campsite, the campers will unpack and lay out everything they need so it’s accessible and go over the FAQ’s again.  The campers will know ahead of time what their assigned task will be, and together they will build a fire, cook a meal, and enjoy the evening activities.  We know the campout is a change from the normal routine, so we make sure the campers get a little extra rest time the day after the campout.

What do we need to pack?
The only special items to include for campout are a sleeping bag and a backpack to pack what the campers need for overnight.  In the past we have included long pants on the packing list – we have taken those off.  We do, however, include BUG SPRAY on the packing list, and we will ask campers to bring that in their overnight bags.

We hope you will share this with your campers.  We find campers that are nervous about campouts feel much better once they know where they are going, what they will be doing, and that their counselors will be with them the entire time.  If you or your camper has any questions about campouts that we didn’t answer here, please let us know!  You can always reach us at:  [email protected] or 713-723-8354.  You can also search our Help Database ( to answer all of your questions as you get ready for camp.

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