The Camper Sports Center

posted by on Apr 3, 2017

CYJ Texas is always looking to the future and always improving.  Last month in the Lion’s Roar we previewed our new Retreat Village and this month we want to share another big project:  The Camper Sports Center.

Sports are a big part of camp, not only because they are fun, but also because they help develop self-esteem and teamwork skills.  We know our kids have the energy to play outside all day, but the Texas sun makes that a challenge for even the most determined athletes.  Our new Camper Sports Center is covered, giving us all-day access to a full-sized basketball court, soccer field, and two volleyball courts, as well as activity space for multi-sports use.  This 12,000 sq ft space allows us to increase and diversify our sports program and gives us a large activity space that will fit the not only the entire camp during the summer, but also accommodate large retreat groups during the year.   The Camper Sports Center supports two important goals for CYJ Texas:  to provide a high-quality sports program in the summer and to continually upgrade our offerings as a year-round retreat center.

We have $300,000 to raise before we can begin construction.  We hope you will consider supporting this impactful initiative that we know the kids will enjoy.

Naming Opportunities (also see our Camper Sports Center flyer):

  • Sports Center: $300,000
  • Basketball Court: $100,000
  • Lighting: $25,000
  • Fans: $25,000
  • Scoreboard (1): $20,000
  • Sports Storage Room: $20,000
  • Misting Stating: $15,000
  • Sports Equipment (2): $15,000
  • Bleachers (6): $10,000
  • Hoops: $10,000
  • Climbing Boulders (8): $5,000
  • Benches (4): $5,000
  • Water Fountain (2): $3,000