Our Daughter’s Wedding at CYJ

posted by on Dec 28, 2015

Naomi and Avi’s wedding was one o12391117_3243572418867_6302424081929605233_nf the most spectacular weekends of our lives. CYJ worked hard to please all of us and took care of our needs the entire weekend. Starting with Thanksgiving, we were happy to prepare our own feast but were pleased that CYJ ordered all of the food to make sure that we had plenty and that it was all Kosher and to the Camp specifications.  From Friday through Sunday, Bar, Jonathan and Manuel, Julia and the entire staff made sure that the Gottesman and Goren families were well cared for, attended to and exceedingly happy.

The  meals and snacks were outstanding, delicious, abundant, beautifully displayed and thoroughly enjoyed by us and our guests – each meal outdoing and outshining the one before.  CYJ impressed us with the tastiness of each dish that was served.  We received so many compliments on the dining room, the meals, the service, the attentiveness of all of their staff.

And the compliments went beyond the food.  The Camp facilities were satisfactory to all that stayed there, as well.  Though we would have preferred to not have a ‘ slip and slide of mud ‘, we all recognize that there was nothing we could do about the weather – other than make the best of it – which we all did.   The indoor facilities provided us a beautiful setting for the Chupah ceremony and the wedding reception.   We were so happy to be able to have the Fireworks display and the Campfire on Saturday night,  and probably so much more than we were not even aware of!

The staff’s patience, kindness, time, and understanding for all of our questions, demands and issues. CYJ made us feel wanted, respected and loved!

CYJ is very special to our family and now we have even more ties to this special place.  The grouping of bricks with our names shows that there is a family commitment to CYJ that has lasted over the generations.