New at CYJ This Summer!

posted by on Sep 1, 2015

Summer 2015 just flew by and it could not have been more fun! This summer, we added some fun and exciting programs to the mix and we are excited to share these exciting new ventures with all of you.

Benji Lovitt Visits CYJ

Let’s start from the beginning of the summer during our staff training week. CYJ received a grant from the Goodman Institute to provide professional development training for our staff about Israel. This allowed us to bring in a dear old friend and CYJ alumnus Benji Lovitt to educate and entertain our staff members. Benji Lovitt is a stand-up comedian and Jewish educator who used comedy to teach our staff about the History of Israel as well as how to teach and bring Israel into everyday life at camp.

Opening Ceremonies for the First Night of Camp

Camp is such a special place filled with traditions passed down from generation to generation. This summer, we decided to add a new camp tradition which we hope will stand the test of time. We implemented our first ever opening ceremony! With the help of Segel, the oldest group at camp, campers were ushered into the pavilion on a lighted path and together we all recited the camp oath. Campers and staff took a moment to set their intentions for the summer as we released 8 floating lanterns into the sky, each one representing a value of CYJ. To tie the evening all together, we sang Rad Hayom (our evening ritual song) and went to sleep. It was quite a fun way to kick off the summer!















New Fun Toy at the Lake

The beginning of the summer started off with some heavy rain; however, all of that rain brought us a beautifully full lake for us to play in! The lake is definitely a favorite hangout place for our campers and this year we added a floating slip and slide mat. Campers loved floating, sliding and hanging out on the new mat.
















Fun Additions to the Chuggim (Electives)

The campers look forward to signing up for the chuggim (electives) each summer. We decided to spice up our programs this summer and add a few new ones to the mix. Our Melechet Yad (arts and crafts) programs added origami/paper art, in which campers learned the art of paper folding, and DIY projects, where campers learned how to recycle items and turn them into art projects. We also added model making, where campers made everything from dinosaur models to bird houses. Our sports programs, as always, very popular and we added a couple new options to that category which included hockey, IDF basic training, and ball sports (dodge ball, handball, gaga, etc.). Many of our new chuggim quickly became some of the most popular programs at camp!

New CYJ Library

One of the programs we are most excited about is the new library in our Beit Ha’am foyer. We created a cozy area in our Beit Ha’am foyer adding comfy furniture and carpet to provide a relaxing, quiet reading space during the summers. Thank you to everyone who donated books to add to our collection! We’ve gathered a wonderful variety of books which the children shared throughout the summer and will continue to enjoy in future summers at CYJ. In addition, CYJ participated in the PJ Our Way program in which CYJ received over 150 FREE BOOKS for our Chalutzim and Tsofim campers, Thanks to PJ Library.















As you can see, this was an exciting and fun-filled summer full of new and improved programs for our campers!  We can’t wait for Summer 2016![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text][thumbs-rating-buttons][/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]