CYJ Prep #2: Eating at Camp

posted by on May 9, 2016


Adventures in Camp Prep!

Episode 2: Eating at Camp

Camp Meals!

“We were going to surprise the campers with a barbecue, but the fire trucks ruined it…”

“The mess hall.”  Those three words may bring back a parent’s memories of their summers at camp… but what memories exactly?  Of playing 20 questions to identify their entrée? Of rationing canteen for “mystery meat Monday” emergencies?

Maybe a bit more “mess” than “hall”?

Well, wake up and smell that coffee cake, folks!  It’s 2016 and at CYJ-Texas, our chadar ochel is not your mother’s cafeteria! Our dining room is a place we take as seriously as any other aspect of your child’s experience and we’re thrilled to provide a healthy and kid-friendly menu, with the ingredients and variety that’ll keep your campers and pediatricians satisfied!

Eating With CYJ

Our state-of-the-art kitchen is overseen by our professional chef, includes three hot buffet lines, and two separate kosher kitchens. We serve vegetarian, gluten-free, and dairy-free options at each meal. To accommodate campers with food allergies, absolutely no nuts enter our kitchen, (other than our boss, Frank… we told him about the policy, but he just won’t listen).

Here’s a short list of some of our classic camp meals:

  • For breakfast: french toast, pancakes, waffles, bagels, biscuits & gravy, or breakfast tacos.
  • For lunch: hamburgers, chicken fajitas, beef and broccoli, chili hot dogs, chicken nuggets, meatball sandwiches, chicken schnitzel, beef tacos, or chicken stir fry.
  • For dinner: baked potato and soup, specialty pizza, cheese enchiladas, baked ziti, grilled cheese and tomato soup, or pasta with alfredo sauce.

We encourage our campers to try new foods, but there still may be times that they’re just not interested in our main course. That’s why we make a number of staple foods available at every meal. Between our salad bar, soy peanut butter and jelly, and noodles, even the pickiest CYJers can find food that they enjoy throughout the day!

Did we mention we run the biggest kosher kitchen in the Southwest? You should check this thing out, full of BBQ and Chinese food and Shabbat meals…

Oh man, I should’ve eaten before writing this email. We’ll have to talk to y’all later—this email’s making me hungry! See you at the BBQ!



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