CYJ Prep #6: Mail

posted by on Jun 8, 2016


Adventures in Camp Prep!

Episode 6: Mail

To our CYJ Family,

CYJ is definitely what you would call a “traditional” camp experience. Our kids get to sleep in bunks, make s’mores by campfires, and express themselves with arts and crafts. They even get to learn an ancient camp tradition called “writing letters”. Though some campers believe this practice was developed by cavemen riding dinosaurs, they come to love it at CYJ!

So grab that pen and stretch that hand—this Camp Prep is all about mail at Camp!


Snail Mail

Hand-written letters are definitely our favorite form of camp communication. Campers feel SO special when they receive letters from their friends and family because they can see how much of an effort you’re making just to say hi. We also love when they respond, watching them sit down and really think about what they have to say. And on top of all that, letter writing enhances camp magic—nothing really says you’re on a far-flung adventure like communicating at a snail speed!

And for you parents – when else do you get a hand-written letter from your child? We call that priceless!

When you’d like to write to your camper, mail them at this address:


Camper’s Full Name
Cabin Number (if known)
Camp Young Judaea
121 Camp Young Judaea Drive
Wimberley, TX 78676


A couple things to keep in mind:

  • Some parents like to send letters before their campers even leave home, guaranteeing that some nice mail will be waiting for their kids when they get there!
  • To help your campers with their summer correspondence, sit with your child, discuss who to write to, and have them pre-address and stamp the envelopes. That way, they’ll be prepared at Camp and have a great learning experience
  • Campers do not receive on Saturday in observance of Shabbat. Mail arriving during Shabbat will be delivered to campers on Sunday.



We like to think that Camp is enough of a gift for campers and that they don’t really need more. (Creative letters are much more personal demonstrations of love!) If you the desire to keep the post office busy is overwhelming, check out our package guidelines:


  • Each camper can receive one package per full week at camp. Be sure to communicate to grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends that any packages received from them will also count toward this allowance. Anything bigger than a business envelope is considered a package.
  • Packages received beyond a camper’s allowance will be held until the end of the session. If a 3-week camper receives 3 packages in the first week, any packages after that will be held in the office.
  • If your camper has a birthday during camp, they’ll be allowed one extra package. Please write on the package, “Hold for [your camper]’s birthday on [camper’s b-day date].”
  • If your camper has a lost or forgotten an item and you need to send them a new one, address the package: “C/O CAMPER CARE TEAM” with your child’s name and cabin number. As long as this is not a care package and just a lost or forgotten item, it will not count towards the camper’s package quota.
  • For the sake of maintaining our kosher status, protecting CYJers with allergies, supporting cleanliness, and avoiding pest infestations, there is absolutely no food, candy, gum, or silly string allowed. We open ALL packages to check for prohibited items.


That’s it! If all those rules aren’t enough to make you go postal, then we’ll be hearing from you soon. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to call us. We’re all already up at Camp, so be sure to call us there: 713-723-8354, or email us at [email protected]

See you soon!



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