Shoshana’s Souvenir from Bogrim Army Day

posted by on Nov 23, 2015

shoshShoshana, an
8th grade camper in Bogrim, enjoyed her experience “roughing it” at army day.  This is a memorable time when the Bogrim campers experience a day in the life of an IDF soldier, compete in an obstacle course, complete a secret mission, meet an active Israeli soldier over skype, and learn about the ethics of the IDF.  Shoshana found this day particularly meaningful and took the day very seriously and participated fully.  At the end of the day, the group had a closing ceremony which was emotional charged and captured the deep importance of this day.  During the closing ceremony, Shoshana was selected as the best soldier of the day and was given a huge honor.  Her merakez (unit head) gave her a gift- his own dog tag from the Israeli army.  She was humbled to be chosen for such a great honor and still wears the dog tag around her neck every day, reminding her of this meaningful experience