Steven’s First Jewish Friend

posted by on Nov 23, 2015

stevenSteven, who lives in a small town outside of Austin, grew up going to public school and never had a synagogue close enough for his family to belong to.  He knew that his family celebrated Hanukkah instead of Christmas, but other than that, he didn’t know much about Judaism and never really met another Jewish kid at school.  His parents decided, when he was 10, that it was time to look for a summer camp for him.  They chose CYJ and were lucky enough to get scholarship money that enabled them to afford the tuition to send Steven to Camp.  At first, he found it strange to do so many Jewish things and everything was new to him.  On the second day of camp, Jonathan approached him and said “Hi, I’m Jonathan!”  That’s all it took.  The two were inseparable for the rest of the session and found out how much they had in common like their love of basketball and their mad skills in gaga.  The two decided that they would keep in touch every day once they got back home.  Jonathan was from Houston, but they exchanged emails and promised to be in touch.  They met back at CYJ each summer after that and had an amazing bond each and every year.  This past year, Steven flew to Houston to attend Jonathan’s Bar Mitzvah.  These two are sure to be friends for life.