Texas Camps Work Together

posted by on Dec 27, 2016


Some people may think that Jewish camps in Texas are always in competition, but sometimes we are better when we work together!  On December 14th, we collaborated with the staff of URJ Greene Family Camp on a productivity seminar that was specially geared for the camp environment.  We all need tools to help us get and stay organized and, more importantly, get things done.  As a camp, we have different needs for different times of the year.  During the summer season, our to-do items never stop and we need a system to be sure that no request from campers or parents falls through the cracks.  In the off season, we also manage many “project” type of to-dos, as we tackle staffing, program improvements, and fundraising.   Many of us struggle to manage so many different kinds of projects and tasks.

Our facilitator, Diana Bloom from Totally Accountable, gave us tools to manage all types of to-dos.  Working together with Greene Family Camp gave us insight into how other camps approach things and we were able to exchange ideas about what works for each of us.  Everyone left our seminar energized to tackle our tasks with a common language and approach.  GFC Executive Director, Loui Dobin, said, “I wish I had this information at the start of my career.  It is already changing the way I work.  The day was a wonderful collaboration between the two Texas Jewish Camps.”  We enjoyed it so much that we have already scheduled a follow-up session with Diana in the spring.

Frank Silberlicht, CYJ Camp director for the past 18 years said, “Funny with only two large Jewish overnight camps in Texas, people see our camps as competitors.  The truth is Loui and I have been good friends for a long time and have worked together on many projects. I know both Loui and I are happy if a child attends any Jewish Camp.”  We look forward to collaborating again with Greene Family Camp to improve our camp experience – together!