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Legacy for Generations


A society grows great when the elderly plant trees whose shade they’ll never know…

At the heart of CYJ-Texas is the dream, a fantasy cooked up by a handful of Jews in the 50s. It was a dream of a camp where any Jewish kid could go, a place of unbelievable fun that would echo inside you for the rest of your life.They thought they could change the world with cabins and a lake, that they could make mensches with a soccer field and a dining hall.

That funny dream, because of a few crucial givers, became a reality. Through the vision and the generosity of those righteous Jews, an unlikely fantasy has become a premiere institution, with professional staff, top-tier facilities, and life-changing programming.


When we really consider it—how our supporters have bought six decades of incredible summers for thousands of children—we feel humbled, witnesses to the tangible change dedicated people can make in this world.

We are writing now to tell our steadfast supporters—the development you’ve begun can continue into the future. Gifts to the Legacy for the Generations Fund enable donors to support future eras of CYJ. Contributing some portion of an estate—in trusts, capital, or otherwise—is a gift for your children, grandchildren, and beyond.

Legacy donations can be directed toward any CYJ project—developing grounds, funding camper tuition assistance, or to a new project of your own imagining. Interested donors can contact our staff for more information on projects already underway.

Click here for idea’s on how you can obtain your legacy goals

Believers like you have turned this pipe dream into something real. On behalf of the countless children whose lives you’ve changed, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Contact Tori Smith, Development Associate, for more information about our Legacy Society.
Office: 713.723.8354 Email: [email protected]