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In Memoriam


We can’t forget the ones who gave us so much to remember…

CYJ-Texas, Young Judaea, the nation of Israel, and the Jewish people… they were all born with a purpose. One and all, they are means and methods to creating a better world, to creating a brighter world.

Many of us have been blessed to know people with the same purpose, individuals who used their time to heal our fractured society. When they’ve moved on, it seems very fitting to remember them with an act of building, to allow even their memory the chance to give to others.

In memoriam donations can be directed to any CYJ project—developing our grounds, funding camper tuition assistance, or to a project of your own imagining. Those feeling unsure of how to best contribute may find guidance in considering the passions of their departed. You can also contact our staff for more information on the projects we have underway.