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Tuition Assistance Fund


Making the dream a reality…for everyone

The founders of CYJ-Texas dreamed of an inclusive camp, a place where kids of all backgrounds could grow, have fun, and nurture their Jewish and Zionist identities. But the dream would only be realized if all children could enjoy it, regardless of their family’s financial means.

And so, a cycle of giving began. With the same generosity that built Camp in the ’50s, we were able to develop our Tuition Assistance Fund. Year after year, this fund provides the aid that so many kids rely on to make camp a possibility. Even today, a significant portion of our children couldn’t enroll without the kindness of the CYJ supporters.



To those supporters, we’d like to say— realizing our founders’ dream, the dream of a camp available to all young people, has been entirely to your credit. On behalf of the countless children whose lives you’ve changed, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Note: The Friends of CYJ Fund also supports our tuition scholarships, but we created this donation page for anyone wanting to contribute to aid-seeking campers exclusively.