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Our Board Members


Cheryl Drazin – President (Dallas, TX)
David Pactor – Treasurer (Houston, TX)
Debbie Karakowsky – Secretary (Bellaire, TX)
Aaron Hiller – Vice President – Development (Washington, DC)
Mike Abkowitz – Vice President – Facilities (Austin, TX)
Jason Schwartz – Vice President – Strategic Program (Dallas, TX)
Jonah Paransky – Past President (Scottsdale, AZ)
Lindsay Feldman – Appointee (Plano, TX)


Gil Atzmon (San Antonio, TX)
Sarah Braham (Bellaire, TX)
Annette Davis (Houston, TX)
Mark Estes (Houston, TX)
Haley Finkelman (Bellaire, TX)
Mike Fisherman (Houston, TX)
Adam Goldman (Houston, TX)
Robert Haas (Savannah, GA)
Lisa Hartman (El Paso, TX)
Roslyn Josephs Ferrell (Corpus Christi, TX)
Elana Lesartre (Austin, TX)
Arielle Levy (Austin, TX)
Howie Nestel (San Antonio, TX)
Allen Noorily (San Antonio, TX)
Justin Olitzki (Houston, TX)
Ann Ronn (Houston, TX)
Jessica Samet (Houston, TX)
Sarah Shapiro (Austin, TX)
Dawn Strauss (Dallas, TX)
Gary Susswein (Austin, TX)
Avi Tessler (Houston, TX)
Scott Turner (Austin, TX)
David Vener (Houston, TX)
Stuart Wallock (Austin, TX)
Leon Woloski (Mission, TX)

President’s Advisory Committee members

Reuben Bar-Yadin (Bellaire, TX)
Steven Finkelman (Houston, TX)
Mark Gottesman (Houston, TX)
Albert Hiller (Houston, TX)
Joseph Kornfeld (Houston, TX)
David Lerman (Philadelphia, PA)
Sonia Raizes (Houston, TX)
Alex Wolchansky (Houston, TX)

If you would like to learn about joining our Board of Directors, please click here.

A significant amount of volunteer work/discussion occurs within our committees, and we are always looking for dedicated individuals to participate.  To learn more about CYJ’s committees and/or to indicate your interest in becoming involved, please click here.