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CYJTexas Blog

The most important questions to ask when searching for the perfect Summer Camp 

Finding the right summer camp for your children is like sliding on Cinderella’s glass slipper: […]


CYJTexas Blog

How to Make Delicious Kosher Apple Cider

There’s nothing like a chilly Sunday morning to make you want to curl up in […]


CYJTexas Blog

Common Hebrew terms we use at CYJ and their meanings

At CYJ, we like to use Hebrew words to replace common English terms. This small […]


CYJTexas Blog

(Sort of) Spooky Campfire Stories

For most people, Halloween is the only season for scary stories that send a shiver […]


CYJTexas Blog

The Values of Camp: What it means to be a Zionist Camp

Zi·on·ist /ˈzīənəst/ Noun a supporter of Zionism; a person who believes in the development and […]


CYJTexas Blog

Fun Fall Activities for the Whole Family

The heat has broken and it’s finally time for some fall fun! Autumn weekends are […]


CYJTexas Blog

The Values of Camp: Why we go screen-free

As veteran campers will know, CYJ-Texas has a strict no-cellphone policy. It can be one […]


CYJTexas Blog

3 ways to use up your leftover apples and honey!

1. Oatmeal It’s the breakfast of champions, but plain oatmeal can be a little bland. […]


CYJTexas Blog

3 Must-Haves for your High Holiday Survival Kit

The High Holy Days are a great chance to reconnect with family and Jewish cultural […]


CYJTexas Blog

Sukkot Crafts for Kids!

What better way to decorate your Sukkah than with homemade crafts by your kiddos?! All […]


Growing a community of Jewish leaders in the beautiful Texas Hill Country!

Since 1952, CYJ Texas has given thousands of Jewish children life-changing summers. We offer a fun, inclusive, challenging, action-packed, safe environment where campers can play, grow, and make lifelong friendships. Year after year our campers go home with a love of Judaism and a strong connection to Israel. We foster personal growth by encouraging all our kids to try new things and build new skills each and every summer.