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Special Programs

As exciting as our daily schedule might be, it’s nice every once in a while to spice things up with special days and events. Below is a list of some of our unique programs throughout the summer:


Four teams. One victor. One EPICday!

Get ready for CYJ’s all-out color war—Maccabiah!


A thrilling celebration of challenge and competition, Maccabiah is always one of our most memorable programs of the season. Campers of all ages are divided into four teams, spending their day contending for the gold in trials of every kind. On game tables and sports fields, in trivia and dexterity, in our apache relay, our singing and dancing… even MEALS factor in to this sensational CYJ tournament!

Don’t miss the sportsmanship, teamwork, talent, and grit in the summer’s ultimate face-off!

Kesher’s Tikkun Olam Shabbat Shebang

Kesher, our seventh grade aidah, spends their educational afternoons focusing on community and Tikkun Olam (repairing the world). The climax of this activity is Kesher’s Tikkun Olam Shabbat Shebang.

With the whole camp, five teams of Kesher campers will deliver impassioned presentations, educating their peers about the charity of choice. The community will then get the opportunity to consider and, based on what they’ve heard, contribute the real tzedakkah they brought with them to camp! It’s a wonderful teaching moment for the whole community, especially the seventh graders, making it clear that even kids can change the world, (especially when they work together!).


Ofarim Wedding


Our youngest campers, the Ofarim, spend their educational afternoons on the Jewish lifecycle, exploring the significance of Jewish names, bnei mitzvahs, and weddings! With the whole aidah participating, these third-graders finally hold a mock wedding, inviting the entire Camp as their guests!

Some kids will be the betrothed, some the rabbis, some the witnesses… the whole ceremony will be played out for everyone’s education. (Who knew that learning could be so adorable??)

Erev Kef

Before our 9th grade campers depart on their amazing cross-country adventure, they show off to the camp their programming skills with Erev Kef!

This evening program is a carnival planned by the ninth graders. They get to choose the theme, what booths will be included, decorate the dining hall, and put on a show for the camp community. With a professional budget and great imaginations, these nights show just how fun our Segel campers can be!

Theme Dinners

What’s the best time to celebrate our CYJ family? When we’re eating together, of course!

Our diverse community has found ways to honor their unique backgrounds through CYJ’s Theme Dinners. The staples include the 4th of July for Americans, Noche Latina for our Mexicans, and Erev Israel for every Jew in camp!

These dinners feature the appropriate culture’s classic cuisine, special decorations throughout the Dining Hall, and regional music to set the mood. True observers will dress up in costume, and the Camp will be challenged with related trivia to keep our minds fed alongside our bodies!



At the end of every session, Camp gathers for our unequaled closing Banquet. To wrap up their summer together, the Dining Hall is transformed to reflect fun themes, such as Super Mario World, Pirates, Disney, etc. Alongside a delicious meal and wild entertainment, this is when staff will distribute the season’s Mensch Awards, our special commendations to one camper in every aidah who demonstrated exceptional character. When the dinner ends, we commence the all-camp dance!


Ofarim, Chalutzim, Tsofim, and Maginim are given one night to bring in all types of fun inflatables and games for an extra special night to remember.  It’s different every year and the kids look forward to it all session long!


What’s the point of getting older if you don’t get to have a little extra fun? Campers in both our seventh and eighth-grade programs enjoy a day out from CYJ once per session. The older group, (Bogrim), have a fun day in Austin, enjoying a picnic lunch and a day of kayaking. In line with their theme of community, our seventh-grade kesher kids first spend time volunteering at a food bank. When the hard work is done, they get to relax with some indoor recreation, like bowling, arcades, laser tag, and more!